Mobile App Development

Go Everywhere That Your Clients Go

Productive Mobile Apps For Your Business

Collect And Interact With Clients On An Intimate Basis

At NOYA, our mobile app development process is not your traditional mobile app process. For starters, our timelines are much faster than that of conventional mobile app developers. Also, our apps work not just on your clients devices, but as a part of your entire marketing process.

Features Of Our Mobile Apps

To ensure that we can deliver an app for your business that works on both Android and Apple devices, our apps are made with a specific set of features and modules that we customize for your brand. These features include:

Video, Photo & Image Galleries
Pricing Lists & Sheets
Click-to-Call Buttons
Maps & GPS Integration
Social Media Integration
Push Notifications
Mobile eCommerce
Booking Forms
Loyalty Cards
iTunes & Podcast Integration
Custom Content Pages
PayPal Integration
Custom Contact Pages
Audio Player
Custom Contact Forms

How Do We Get Started With NOYA?

For a full rundown on The NOYA Process, please click here. For answers to the most frequently asked design questions that we get asked, visit our in-depth FAQ section. To get started working with NOYA, give us a call at: 647-367-1644 or contact us through our other contact methods.


Contact NOYA

We prefer if you called us directly at our office. It’s the fastest way for us to establish contact. Our number is: 647-367-1644. Alternatively, you can send us an email or meet us for coffee!


Sign Agreement

Once we’ve spoken and you’ve told us your vision, we then need to get our agreement signed. An agreement ensures that we are both on the same page… literally and figuratively!


Work With NOYA

Now, let’s get to work! We’ll be in contact with you either in person, email or even text messages. Sometimes we’ll Skype you! We like you to be a part of our process from day one!