The NOYA Process

Let's Work Together For The Good of Your Project

Four Simple Steps To Complete A Mighty Project










The 1st Step in the NOYA Process

As in a relationship, the NOYA process looks for a “spark” before embarking on the journey of starting your project. The relationship that is built over time between a design team and their clients is a very delicate one. As projects move forward there are a mix of emotions that are felt by all those involved. However, that initial spark remains constant throughout the entire process. This is what NOYA looks for before starting on any project.

Though we would love to, we do not take every single client or project that comes through our doors. We understand that sometimes, there simply isn’t a spark, and that’s O.K.  At NOYA, we want to work with individuals and organizations that have a passion for the task at hand, and we know that you want the same thing for your project as well! Without that connection, NOYA does not move onto the next part of our project: communication.


The 2nd Step in the NOYA Process

After you have chosen NOYA as your design firm (thank you!), next comes the most important part of the NOYA process: communication. Without communication, there will be miscommunication. Miscommunication leads to missed deadlines, misunderstandings and mistakes. These are all things we as a team (you and NOYA) want to avoid.

To ensure that the lines of communication are open from day one, NOYA requires that all clients sign a formal contract: this lets you know what you can expect from NOYA, and it lets NOYA know what we expect from you. Some items that are included in our standard contact include: the cost of your project; the anticipated timeframe of your project; what additional information we need from you as well as our refund policy.


The 3rd Step in the NOYA Process

When there is a good connection and good communication, surely by surely a good project will come to it’s successful completion.  This is the third stage of the NOYA process and by far the most exciting part… your dream is coming to life!

Before any project is completed at NOYA, the final balance of our fees are required. We also need to know where to put your website, or send your final flyer or upload your mobile app; essentially we need to know how you’d like the world to know about your project!


The 4th Step in the NOYA Process

We’ve now come to the end of your project… What’s next? Well, usually our clients will come back to NOYA with their questions, comments or concerns regrading the project that was just completed, or future projects that they have in mind. Trust us, this always happens, and that’s a good thing! If you check back at the very first step of our process, we spoke of a “spark”, remember? That spark hardly leaves when you start working with NOYA!