Content Curation for Beauty Brand COCOVADO

Social Media Content Curation

COCOVADO Social Media Content Curation

Social Media Content Curation for Green Beauty Brand COCOVADO

Project Details

Content curation for beauty brand COCOVADO was a great experience for NOYADESIGNS. COCOVADO is a minimalist, all-natural skincare brand that needed content curated. The content curated was to be used across offline and online channels, as well as digital and print publications. They also used the content curated from their session on their website. We captured and styled photos in various scenes according to their specifications.

We used a variety of materials, such as marble, wood and foliage to setup the scenes for their shoot. They were looking for a very clean and minimal look for their shoot. This matched with the design of their logo as well as their product packaging, which NOYADESIGNS also created. We used the colors: white, grey, black and yellow throughout the shoot in accordance with their brand identity.

In addition to the content curation for beauty brand COCOVADO, we also took product photography shots, created their logo, product packaging and more. You can see the full case study for COCOVADO here.