Chez Noir Adult Social Media Management

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Chez Noir Social Media Management

Project Details

Chez Noir¬†contacted NOYADESIGNS for help with the management of their brand online. NOYADESIGNS has much experience providing social media management for the adult industry. Adult professionals that can benefit form our services include: escorts, massage parlors, strippers, and sex toy providers, like Chez Noir. Chez Noir’s branding at the time did not match up to the high quality of their products. They provide premium latex items and sex toys, as well as wholesale latex, latex chlorination and latex repair. We developed a theme, voice and brand guidelines that they now use to manage their social media accounts themselves. Some of the media that we created for Chez Noir includes: custom GIF’s, Facebook banners, video clips, promotional images, website banners, Fetlife banners and more.

In addition to social media management, we also performed search engine optimization and e-commerce website maintenance for Chez Noir’s Shopify website located at: