COCOVADO Product Photography

Skincare Product Photography

COCOVADO Product Photography

Skincare Product Photography Service for Green Beauty Brand COCOVADO

Project Details

COCOVADO contacted NOYADESIGNS for a photoshoot of their bodycare line. The skincare product photography service that we provide was best suited for their needs. They used the photos from this shoot for use on their website and editorials. In addition to their product photos, COCOVADO also procured our content curation service. Content curation services captures photo and video that can be used for both online and offline purposes.

For their photoshoot, they have requested a simple and clean front shot of their products, taken on a white background. COCOVADO used these photos for their website. We also did a styled photoshoot using various textures and angles for COCOVADO. On social media, COCOVADO was able to use photos from the styled portion of the shoot are used on their social media accounts. Furthermore, these same photos have many usages for online and offline usage.