SEO Tips: Headings, Keyword Phrases and Content

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SEO Tips: Headings, Keyword Phrases and Content

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SEO tips on the web aren’t as popular as blog posts on social media, Facebook ads or email marketing. But this often forgotten marketing method holds it own. SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization and it is a method of optimizing (making your content, web page etc. better) your content for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. This means that with a solid SEO strategy, your content will be easier to find on the web.

Below, we’ve listed some SEO tips and guidance that you can follow as you begin on your journey. SEO can work for anyone and everybody. Here’s why we think that:

SEO Still Works

In a world for Facebook ads and landing pages, SEO can get lost in the melee. The truth is, SEO is still a major contender when it comes to digital marketing. Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter were inspired by good old meta tags. Consider starting small with your on page SEO. As a starter here are two SEO tips that you can use to upgrade your on page SEO today:

  1. Place your keyword or keyword phrase into the following places:
    1. Heading Tags (h1 – h6)
    2. Meta Title
    3. Meta Description
    4. Image ALT Tags
    5. URL
    6. Content
  2. Ensure that your content has a keyword density (the number of times your keyword appears within the content) of at least 1%. As an example: if your blog post or page has 500 words, your keyword needs to appear at least 5 times.

SEO is a Long Game

With a well done Facebook ad, you’ll be able to see the results of your labor fairly quickly; a few weeks or days even. With SEO, you can aim to start seeing results for your work from 3 months… after you started optimizing. This may hinder people from starting to work on their SEO, but don’t let that be you! SEO is still a viable marketing method and should not be neglected for the more shinier methods of marketing that are now available to us.

Don’t Switch Strategies (Or strategists!)

Just like how everyone has their own way of doing their hair, each SEO specialist has their own way of doing their SEO. It is because of this that if you have hired a specialist to work on your SEO, you stick with them for at least 3 – 6 months. Remember the point above? SEO is a long game, and as such, switching strategies every week will do you more harm than good. Likewise, changing service providers half-way through getting you SEO service can change the trajectory of your SEO course.

SEO is Not Just for Websites

In today’s age of social media and ads, keywords and keyword phrases can seem to be a thing of the past. But not so! Wherever there is a search feature on the web, keywords, keyword phrases and SEO come into play. For example: did you know that the world’s second largest search engine is a video-sharing website? Youtube is a social network, however, with the power of SEO, you can have your videos rank and place higher in search results. This can lead to greater hits, more brand awareness, and – if you’re a Youtube partner! – more money!

If you’re looking to learn more about how you can utilize SEO for you digital marketing strategy, book a call with us here. We’ll go through your website, audit your current practices and see how you can use SEO to better your content online.